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View Our COVID-19 Response


World of Homes has implemented best in class internal controls in like with US GAAP and SOX requirements. We understand that consistent and accurate financial reporting is critical for the board to focus on what they can do for their community. Our payables department runs checks for associations on a weekly basis to ensure that vendors have their invoices processed diligently and are paid on time. If the board desires they will receive copies of all invoices for payment in advance for their approval ensuring full transparency of the use of association funds.

Our TOPS software allows board members to have full transparency of the association financials, receivables from its membership, and the processing of the payables. We also process detailed general ledger reports as requested for peace of mind financial management.

At World of Homes we understand that assessments are the key to the financial stability of the association. To safeguard the financial health of your association

The complete package of accounting services would include all the following:

  • Internal Audit Controls – we’ve implemented best in class processes to ensure the safety of your association funds. We welcome our clients to come review themselves with full freedom of inspection.
  • Annual Audit – World of Homes will work closely with your independent CPA to complete an annual audit and full tax reports of your association finances.
  • Financial Reports – as the board you will have full and direct access to the financials as soon as they have been completed. They have already been reviewed thoroughly by a qualified professional and your manager before you receive them.
  • Owner Payment Options – we understand simplicity and options so we’ve made it as easy as possible for anyone to pay their assessments. Online, Lockbox check, money order, BillPay, Credit and Debit Card, and automated checking debiting so you never miss a payment!
  • Budget – our licensed managers will work with our Finance department to provide a proposed budget for review. Once approved it will be submitted for monthly tracking of expenditure and proper funding of reserves.
    Collections – we will begin the collections process for the association, after 90 to 120 days your preferred collections partner will take over to ensure compliance of overdue accounts.