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Association Management

There are so many reasons to Partner with Empire Management Group today! When service matters, thousands of owners and boards across Central Florida have enjoyed the management services provided by Empire Management Group licensed professionals. Our proactive approach fosters a team environment that is designed to complement and partner with the board and is the key to maintaining a quality community boosting happy owners.


At Empire Management Group, we understand the relationship between providing superior service and ensuring the success of the communities we manage. That’s why our long-term, highly-trained staff utilizes Community Association Institutes best practices for HOA Management Services to quickly respond to and resolve the needs of homeowners and community board members. From accounting and information technology to landscaping and building maintenance, we have a deep, proven knowledge base from which to provide unparalleled HOA management

We specialize in providing full-service management to almost any type of community:

  • Master Planned Communities with Sub-Associations
  • Condominium Associations
  • Townhome Associations or PUD Communities
  • Commercial Property including shopping centers and Office buildings
  • On-Site Management Communities
  • Single Family Home Communities
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Multi-Family Apartment Management
  • Golf and Sport Club Communities
  • High-Rise Buildings (Residential and Commercial)
  • Luxury Property Communities
  • Snowbird and Adult Active Communities

In our years of service we have identified that a partnering approach to community management has been very successful to best service the property owners and boards. Our management team is supported by a team of administrative and accounting qualified professionals. This allows property managers to dedicate their time to your community and its membership.

We build a maintenance profile for each community, allowing us to quickly respond to landscaping, plumbing, electric, and any other requirement necessary. We work with the association’s preferred vendors as always ensure we bring multiple bids for any work or project. This provides the board the material to choose the best quality and price for the association’s requirements. A work order process ensures due diligence of all out of contract expenses with all our vendors.

The complete package of administrative services would include all the following:

  • Covenant Enforcement – consistency in enforcement of the documents for all members. We will inspect monthly and share violations with photographs to ensure documented proof of violations. We communicate and follow up with homeowners until they are fully resolved.
  • Board Meetings – the key to a successful meeting is organization. We will prepare and communicate notices, agendas and documents as per Florida Statutes. We will organize and help run your Annual, Budget, and normal business board meetings at any location.
  • Vendor Management – your community will have access to our vendor network that our clients already trust. We submit multiple vendor proposals, negotiate, and monitor vendor performance to ensure service delivery against the contracted services.
  • Record Management – all your records are stored in a fully insured safe space with easy access to provide records as quickly as possible.
  • Architectural Requests – our team will review and inspect ARC requests prior to sending to the committee. Providing the details and background so that an informed decision can be made quickly.


Empire Management Group has implemented best in class internal controls in like with US GAAP and SOX requirements. We understand that consistent and accurate financial reporting is critical for the board to focus on what they can do for their community. Our payables department runs checks for associations on a weekly basis to ensure that vendors have their invoices processed diligently and are paid on time. If the board desires they will receive copies of all invoices for payment in advance for their approval ensuring full transparency of the use of association funds.

Our TOPS software allows board members to have full transparency of the association financials, receivables from its membership, and the processing of the payables. We also process detailed general ledger reports as requested for peace of mind financial management.

At Empire Management Group we understand that assessments are the key to the financial stability of the association. To safeguard the financial health of your association

The complete package of accounting services would include all the following:

  • Internal Audit Controls – we’ve implemented best in class processes to ensure the safety of your association funds. We welcome our clients to come review themselves with full freedom of inspection.
  • Annual Audit – Empire Management Group will work closely with your independent CPA to complete an annual audit and full tax reports of your association finances.
  • Financial Reports – as the board you will have full and direct access to the financials as soon as they have been completed. They have already been reviewed thoroughly by a qualified professional and your manager before you receive them.
  • Owner Payment Options – we understand simplicity and options so we’ve made it as easy as possible for anyone to pay their assessments. Online, Lockbox check, money order, BillPay, Credit and Debit Card, and automated checking debiting so you never miss a payment!
  • Budget – our licensed managers will work with our Finance department to provide a proposed budget for review. Once approved it will be submitted for monthly tracking of expenditure and proper funding of reserves.
    Collections – we will begin the collections process for the association, after 90 to 120 days your preferred collections partner will take over to ensure compliance of overdue accounts.


Empire Management Group has partnered multiple banking services that are FDIC insured banking institutions based out of Central Florida. Our banking partners are experienced with property management companies like Empire Management Group. They cater to the needs and requirements of Condominium and Homeowners associations statewide. Because of our established relationship most banking services are offered to you free of charge. Our Bank of choice offers you total financial transparency to all of your banking business needs.


The most important key to running an association is providing phenomenal communications both to the board and its residents. Its Empire Management Group policy to promptly return all calls and emails; but we go a step further. Homeowners and Board members provide a menagerie of real time online services – enabling them to get the answers they need in record time.

– Fast and Efficient Communication
– On-Line Access 24-7 for Owners , Board Members and Committees
– Live Chat


Knowing the current status of your community’s legal issues is a must in proactive management. Whether it is a mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy, lien foreclosure or covenant enforcement matter you need to know current and up to date information. In addition to being a liaison with your communities attorney, or Collection Company; Empire Management Group regularly monitors and investigates for updates as part of our day to day routine. We have a dedicated Legal counsel in house to support with these activities and our managers with guidance.

– Free Foreclosure Monitoring
– Demand Letter processing
– Collection Company Administration
– Legal Liaison
– Rental Garnishment/Intercept
– Programs and Training for Boards

Personalized to You

At Empire Management Group we understand that sometimes you just don’t require a full service so we offer customizable programs designed to meet your needs.

– Full Service
– Accounting Only
– Small Property Management Programs
– Custom Programs Available
– Covenant Enforcement Services
– Receivership Services
– DPBR Certified HOA Board Training Program

Homeowner Services

Is there any other management company like Empire Management Group that offers services to you 24/7? We understand how important your investment is and we understand that we work for you. With Empire Management Group your answers are just one click away.

When you log into your resident portal, you will be able to:

  • Pay your Dues
  • View your Account
  • Make an Inquiry
  • Report a non-emergency maintenance issue – (if this is an emergency, please call 407-770-1748 immediately)
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • View any current violations
  • Update us on a violation
  • Make a Covenant Enforcement Inquiry or Report an issue

Make Form Requests:

  • Change of Address, email, phone form
  • Architectural approval form
  • Request Governing Documents
  • Estoppel
  • Request an Estoppel




Homeowner Services