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Developing a property no matter the size or type is an enormous undertaking that involve multiple parties with very different agendas. As a developer you will search for a high quality community that will provide a return on investment, homeowners will look for a location they can see themselves living in, brokers and real estate agents will look to sell for maximum price, while local government will chase to ensure building code is followed appropriately. At Empire Management Group our role is that everyone’s requirements are met.

Empire Management Group has a strong record of working with developers and new homeowner boards to transition properties efficiently. Working with Empire Management Group will ensure that the developers and builders work with one single and strong partner throughout the construction phase until delivery. Developers will be able to leverage on our expertise to maximize the value they obtain from their sales.

The construction process is unpredictable, but our team is dedicated to helping you address anything that might arise including:

  • Community Registration and Formation
  • Architectural Review for properties on site
  • Creation of covenants for rules and regulations
  • New Resident Communications
  • Performing ongoing operations and inspections of the community
  • Preparing initial operating budgets
  • Developer/builder transition to homeowners

Our management team is in continuous communication with clients to deliver a superior customer service. We are committed to delivering your success by alleviating the burden that developers manage during the construction process from breaking ground until project delivery.

Developers of rental and multi-family properties can rely on our considerable experience with multi-marketing, rental management, and communications. Our team is sensitive to your developing marketing and cash flow requirements. This demands a certain flexibility in our creative approach, and the ability to balance the needs of all involved: the developer, and the new renters and individual condo property owners as they move in.