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To ensure accurate tracking and faster processing of ARC/ARB Applications, we are requiring ALL ARC/ARB Applications to be submitted directly to our internal ARC Department through our department email:

All applications will be reviewed for completion before being forwarded to your community ARC/ARB committees. Please read the below steps and details

The Architectural Review Process

If you are interested in making changes to your home or property, you must first submit an application for the proposed changes. The application goes through the following process.

  • Submission of a complete application. (All necessary documents must be included with the application). See below for list of documents needed and how to submit an application.
  • Review of the application by the Architectural Review Committee/Board (ARC/ARB) of your community. (This can take up to 30 days depending on the meeting dates and volume of requests).
  • Once the decision has been made and communicated to Empire Management, you will be issued an approval or denial letter via email.

How to Submit an ARC/ARB Application

In order to get your application reviewed by the committee, you must submit a completed application.

  • Your ARC/ARB Application form is in the Document section of your community portal. If you are not yet registered for your community portal, you can register in the Portal Login Tab of our website or click here. You will be matched to your property within one (1) business day*.
  • Once you have your ARC/ARB Application, you will need to fill it out completely. You must include the exact details of the change you are proposing, along with the necessary documentation**.
  • Submit the executed ARC/ARB Application and additional documents via email to
  • If you are missing documents, you will receive a request to obtain additional documents and resubmit the entire application for another review.
  • Please make sure you add our email to your safe sender list, or to your contact list so you do not miss any communication from our ARC Department.

*If you have just closed on your home and we have not received your closing documents yet, you will not be able to get access to your community portal. You can submit your ARC/ARB form and documentation, but the application will be held until your closing documents have been processed.
**Documentation that needs to accompany applications may need to include the following:

  • Color swatch for paint with name, brand, etc.
  • Example of roof tiles/pavers, or any other item that will be visible.
  • Style or detail of fences (color, type, size)
  • Lot Surveys with project drawn on the survey (including dimensions of project) Please mark survey where the project will take place.
  • Landscaping details such as types of plants, location, survey/drawing.
  • Location of water treatment units and buffers that will block them for view if applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: Your community documents and any ARC/ARB Guidelines are also available in the Documents area of your community portal.